The NSFC aims to promote the concept of a consistently profitable fishery supply chain by developing, introducing and monitoring sustainable standards for North Sea fish – a goal that will strengthen the entire fisheries process.

This project is partly financed by European Fisheries Fund and Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The NSFC aims to respond to increasing demand for the sustainable catch, trade and processing of North Sea fish – Plaice being the key initial focus. The requirements to which participants in the NSFC will be subject are intended to ensure these fish are repositioned in the market under a new standard. These requirements will reflect – as far as possible – the core values:

Wild caught in the North Sea
Fresh, natural and pure
Healthy and tasty
Guaranteed and tested quality
Sustainable fishery policies

This will guarantee the quality and origin of the fish and is ultimately designed to ensure spawning fish are protected. As the market increasingly rewards those applying the new standard, it will become more attractive for members to offer a larger portion of their catch under the new standard to the NSFC. Eventually, a greater degree of the fish catch will conform to NSFC’s requirements, and will, for instance, therefore not have been caught during spawning.

Participating fishermen will be obliged to get actively involved in the development of sustainable catch methods. In this way, the NSFC aims to broaden support for North Sea fisheries with the goal of promoting the sale of the catch in supermarkets, fish shops, etc. under the ‘sustainable catch’ designation.